We offers for new families multiple opportunities to enjoy your new puppy and Cotonbrie place!

Puppy pack

"Holidays ... and fun"


The first Puppy pack we offer it is "Holidays and fun"

The trip to collect your puppy could becaome a wonderful family trip in Italy, a wonderful experience within a bounce of cotons in a fantastic ancient Villa.

A wonderful moment that will stay forever within the magic moments of your family milestones..

We could organize for you your staying amd make this italian dream true!


Puppy pack

"Grooming & Care"


The second pupy pack it is "Grooming and coton care"

Learn at Cotonbrie home how to take care of your new puppy!
You can enjoy your trip, meet all Cotonbrie cotons, learn how to take care of your puppy and eat an sleep in the famous Villa Cortese. In the evening elegant dinners with sophisticates wines and superior dishes (the restaurant in march won the italia coocking championship).

During the day you have free mornings to hang up around the undescovered Marche territory, in the afternoon take grroming lessons and after dinner you can have your puppy in your room to bound with and cuddle him.

cotonbrie home