Why we should adopt a coton from cotonbrie?

Twenty years of experience and we keep trying to give you our best cotons selected for beauty, health and temperament. This means that cotonbrie is not just a “breeding station” but that cotonbrie is a passionate breed selection centre. Cotonbrie cotons and breeding stock are regularly shown at dog shows around the world (meaning we must maintain a very high standard), health tested (eyes, knees and heart), highly socialized and tenderly loved. That doesn’t mean we say “we are the best”, but our motto is that “we try hard to be and to do our best for our dogs”. Cotonbrie fell in love with cotons in 1985, and it is an fci recognized kennel. Cotonbrie signed the Usactc breeder code of ethics and has been honoured with the Usactc register of merit award.

What happens when we reserve a puppy?

When you send a deposit you will receive a Cotonbrie contract and a free copy of the book "Coton’s World" to prepare you for your family’s new addiction (Cotons are both an addition and an addiction once you have one!). If the puppy you are waiting for has not been born yet, you will be updated with news and info on the mother’s pregnancy and later the puppy’s birth. Once the litter of puppies is born, according to your place on the waiting list and the type of puppy you desire, you will get to choose your coton. If you have chosen an older puppy, you will be updated every 10 days with news and pictures about the puppy’s progress.

What do we receive along with the puppy?

The routine care received by the puppies is: de-worming (drontal plus every 2 weeks from birth); 2 shots (at 40 days “puppy cp” and at 55 days “vanguard 7”); microchip for permanent identification (bayer code). All this information will be in the little health pamphlet. You will receive our vet health check, and if traveling the official health certificate. In case of shipping, you will receive him traveling inside a crate with a little blanket with his mother’s scent on it, pee pee pad, a little toy (if security doesn’t remove it for safety) and a little of food ontop of the crate to use whilegradually switching to the new food your vet will choose for him.

What we should we prepare for the puppy’s arrival?

When the time for the puppy to move into your family arrives, first of all we advise you to puppy proof your home! Check fireplaces, soaps, electrical cords, stuffed toys, medicines, needles, staircases…. You need to get ready for him with: bed, bowls, newspaper or pee pee pads, food, toys, collar and leash, crate or a small fenced off area in a warm draft-proofed corner of your house.

How are your puppies socialized?

Although during the first two weeks the puppies are blind and deaf, we do believe that brief but careful and expert daily human manipulation is “felt” by the babies’ touch sense. When puppies start to open their eyes, our “two legged kids” can enter the pupppies’ big boxes. Kids sit among the puppies and the puppies begin to “try” human smell, voice and taste! At this age the puppies are confined in the safe box environment with 4 big corners: one for food and water (they still aren’t even interested, but they gradually will be later), one with a bed, one with a pee pee pad (from the beginning we keep a pee pee pad inside their space so they will have“pre-potty training” - very useful when the puppy moves to your home!) And one with toys for puppies who are starting to discover the world! The litter nests are in a big kitchen so that they are continually exposedto home sounds. After 25 days the puppies leave the litter nest twice a day to discover the kitchen. After some days they are allowed in the grooming room (so they are exposed to new sounds, other adults dogs), and later on in all the other rooms. With good weather they are (after the first shot) let outside for grass, stones, exploring, and to enjoy the sun (also very good for metabolizing vitamin d, and very important for calcium absorption). Before leave our home they are exposed to strangers (we bring them in a marsupial bag to the weekly open market) and to a couple of car rides. We also give the puppies the Campbell temperament test.

What do you require of new owners?

We require responsible owners. We want you to consider carefully before takingon the responsibility of having a new family member that will surely bring a lot of joy, but that will also require a lot of attention and responsibility. We want to know a little bit about your family before you take the dog, and we would appreciate it if you would answer our questionnaire. After you have our puppy we are pleased if you keep in touch and ask if you need advice. Pictures and news are always welcome and brighten our days.

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